A Merging of the entire four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into an accurate chronological order. 


1. This is a complete combining of the four Gospels into a single narrative. This book may be the first harmony of the Gospels with all the words of Jesus standing out in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS.

2. Contains numerous captions of subheadings, explaining what each passage is about for the reader to more  quickly grasp every message, without a teacher being present.

3. All captions are in a present tense, vividly putting you right in the middle of all the action. 

4. This book could launch a million needed ministries world wide. 



This book offers the entirety of the 3,767 verses from the four Gospels, leaving nothing out except an obvious duplication. It is a true treasury of the life of Jesus and His teachings with numerous explanatory captions.

More than 33 years in the making this large size 8 1/2 by 11 book has a great many unique features, including more than 300 titles and attributes of Jesus, in its spiritually power-packed 330 pages. 

Some of these titles are: "Tender Physician," "Abundant Life," "Burden Bearer," "Substitute Sacrafice," "Light of the World,"  "Eternal Life," and more.

We trust that your reading and reivew of the life and teachings of Jesus will greatly increase your faith in Him, and in His many wonderful promises to you.  


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Paul L. LaLberte was born in January 1929 in Windsor Ontario, Canada, just across the river from Detroit, Michigan. He was about 12 years old before he began to speak any appreciable amount of English. He graduated from Assumption College in 1951 and then emigrated to the US in 1954. Some eight years later he became a US citizen, making his home in Toledo, Ohio, for the next 45 years.

In the 1960s he had his name legally changed from Paul L. LaLiberte to Paul L. Liberty, and currently uses both names interchangeably. 

He spent 11 years in aerial photography. This consisted of photographing a close up of farm homes and buildings from a low altitude, which were then sold to each individual farm owner. 

His secdond successful career came in oil and gas exploration, in which he drilled a number of wells in Applachia over a period of 10 years in the late 1960s and early 1970s. 

He accepted the Lord in 1979 at the age of 50. This is when he sold his  oil and gas production and became a scripture scholar to delve into various Biblical projects, this book being one of them. 

From the very beginning, some 33 years ago, he has worked off and on with this merging of the four Gospels, continually improving and perfecting it,  this being his ninth "in-house" edition. 

Now in his 80s, Paul is in excellent health, and is very active in the Lord's work. 

"The Lord gave the word: great is the company of those that publish it." (Psalm 68:11)